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Belvedere – by Ahmed Imamovic

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Best film of Kimera International Film Festival IX Edition
Campobasso, Italy
26-29 may 2011


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   O s p i t i :
   A h m e d   I m a m o v i c ,   T i z i a n a     S c h i a v a r e l l i ,  
   R i c c a r d o    Z i n n a 

  I n   P R I M A     U F F I C I A L E    p e r    l’ I t a l i a :  

  B E L V E D E R E    d i   A h m e d    I m a m o v i c 

  I n   c o n c o r s o :   6   l u n g o m e t r a g g i    e   2 3    c o r t o m e

  t r a g g i 

  F u o r i    c o n c o r s o :    3  c o r t o m e t r a g g i

Riccardo Zinna, Tiziana Schiavarelli, Fabio    

  Mastropietro, Guglielmo Favilla, Vincenzo Lucchese

 Ufficio Stampa: Mari Correa  cell  380 1828029  e-mail:

          Established in 2003, Kimera Film Festival is a complete      International Film Festival that takes place in Campobasso & Termoli (Italy).
Initially, the festival was an International Short film Festival and its name was The Night Of The Living Shorts, name that actually owns its short section.
There are 2 main section, Features and Shorts. Features are programmed in one of two categories: Fantastic and General. Shorts are split between categories that include Animation, Fiction, Social Committed and Local.
The Festival has a public preselection phase from January to March for shorts. During the Final evenings, usually in May, an International Jury chooses the winners.

Ideazione e organizzazione Domenico Farina cell 347 3157032 –