Paolo Cardone – the photographer

Paolo Cardone was born in Wilmington DE in 1963. He lives in New York.
He was just a child when he discovered photography: in 1972 he received his first camera. After having completed his studies, obtaining the conservatoire diploma, he started teaching music, a career he abandoned definitively in 1992 to become a professional photographer.
He is among the founders of the ‘Associazione Culturale Fotografica Tommaso Brasiliano’, a cultural association promoting the study and practice of photographic art. Paolo has chaired this association for the last eight years.
In 1995 he specialised in the Zonal System with Billy Hare, Minor White’s disciple and in Manual Colour Printing with Antonio Ramos at the Instituto Gaudí of Lima (Perou).
He has worked for several magazines and newspapers and realized catalogues for Ediciones Wu and various graphic artists like Antonio Pettinicchi, Mario Serra, Lino Mastropaolo, Johanna Hamman, Alberto Casari.
Some of his shots have been chosen by Hasselblad Sweden for their advertising.
In 2004 he was awarded two special mentions in Personal Research and in Social Photography at Orvieto Fotografia Professional Photography Awards.


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